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My Name is Christian D. Jensen you may also know me by my pen name C.D. Jensen or NevarVoshim. You may also know me a maerikteslek94, cdjensen94, or nevarvoshim94. I'm a freelance and self-employed traditional and 3D artist, 3D modeler, Indie Game Developer, Aspiring Author, RPG Maker user, Magic the Gathering Fanboy, PC Master Race, Gamer,

I have many hobbies, I make Video Games, Write Books (When I'm not Depressed), Make Magic the Gather cards for my little coven of Magic Players, and do 3D Renders. I'm Learning to Program in three languages C#, Java, and C++. I can read the languages just can write them. (Yet) I am proficient in CSS and HTML5. I use Daz3D Studio and GIMP to make my renders, which I will share plenty of here.

I have four Dogs I love dearly and a dog that passed on that I gravely miss. You will see much of them, they are my closest family other than my mom and brother. I have a killer Rig that I built myself. I collect Video Games, Audiobooks, and Ocarinas. I'm not very good at playing ocarina's but if you want I can share.

I am the Creator of Lethurea a fictional universe Seperate from our own. It is not a parallel universe nor is it a alternate universe it is a completely separate entity. Our Universe is Cosmos, my Brother's is Aroenios.

Feel free to contact me, I am friendly an easy going so don't be a stranger.

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My Story

I was born in Logan, Utah. I grew up in Las Vegas and Henderson Nevada. I moved back to Utah recently. I have always had a fascination with computers, software, and technology. I learned Game Development, Digital Photography, Web Design, Art, and 3D Modeling in High School. I was fortunate enough to go to online high school so I had access to a wide array of technical oriented classes. Game Development used Clickteam Fusion 2. Digital Photography used GIMP. 3D Modeling used Blender. I was primarily self taught. Being in an online school taught me to be self sufficient and allowed me to learn quickly how to use a wide variety of software. I learned computer troubleshooting through trial and error with my personal computers. My dad is an engineer and he taught me critical thinking. Not to brag but my IQ is around 150 something. I can learn and master just about any software in a matter of days. I use key shortcuts like it's going out of style. My favorite pass time is making and playing games. My one true passion is Creative Writing. I write Science Fantasy Space Opera, like Star Wars. The characters use supernatural means to power abilities and technology. It's one part science fiction, two parts magic, and whatever is left over is creative liberty. I don't write thing to be scientifically accurate. I write fantasy flavored with science.

I worked IT for a long while before my Schizophrenia  got really bad and I had to get on disability. This website is a beacon of hope to become self sufficient enough to find a means of getting off disability. My skill set is quiet malleable I can learn just about any software in a matter of days. I am learning to program. I'm a half decent artist. I can draw and do 3D Art. I edit photos quite often and am decent enough at it.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

More About Me!

Oh, well hello there looks like you decided to stick around. I can tell you more about myself since your listening. I come from a household that broke rather late in my life. Just last year which was 2021. My folks got a divorce 27 years later. My brother-in-law and sister are abusive it was never my dad that was necessarily the problem. Though by not getting involved he was the problem. My mom is a good woman she takes care of me and my brother to the best of her ability, which general far surpasses what we need. Financially life is a bit of a struggle. I do freelance work for anyone interested in getting 3D renders and concept art. I've got about four years of experience in Daz3D and I've been 3D modelling for about twelves years though I would hardly count more than a years worth of experience. I use primarily free software to accomplish my amazing artwork.(sorry for tooting my own horn.) Why, I'm broke for one, another reason is I am a staunch supporter of open source software. I would run with Linux if I weren't so attached to my Windows games and software. I'm a PC power user and by that reasoning I'm stuck with Windows (specifically Windows 11). Though that my be to some purist that I'm not devoted enough to Linux and Open-Source. However, I would argue that anyone who does anything is either on Windows or Mac. I use a Unix type operating system everyday. It's called Android. Don't hate me but I hate Mac and iOS. Just preference, but it's my preference.

I used Linux for years before Windows 7 came out and went back when Windows 8 came out. Funny enough when Windows screws up bad enough the Linux community grows. (At least I assume it does.)

As far as this website goes it's a place for me to share my creativity with the world. I have a place for mods I've made, a place for my art and freelance work, a place for me to flex my PC Guns, a blog for reviews, mind terds, and anything that suits my  fancy, and still to be continued.

My brother Ryan is my best friend, as I am single and have no significant other, so yeah I don't have a female best friend. That might change, maybe one of these dating apps will work. I use Mutual (LDS Dating App) and Facebook Dating (which I really am liking strangely.) I was engaged for about two months before my ex-fiancee had a mental breakdown. I don't know where she is but all I can say is I'm sorry.

I have four doggies. A chipom (chihuahua Pomeranian), chihuahua, corgi, and dachshund. I post pictures of them on my DeviantArt. I love dogs and my dogs especially. I love Cafe Rio, fastest way to my heart, feed me Cafe Rio.

I've been working on a recent project of mine which is a custom Magic the Gathering set. I'm addicted to the game. I've been playing since all the way back in 2011. My first set was a 2012 Core Black and Green Intro Deck. I fancy myself a mediocre set crafter, but I've seen some terrible people. So I might be better than I think. I always have a project I'm working on I jump between projects. I have an RPG Maker MZ game (Currently on Hold until I have more time) I'm developing, Several MtG Sets in Development, my Art and Freelance work, and my books. I used to neglect my books, but since I got my chemical depression taken care of I have been working on it ceaselessly. Two things I hate to hear, "I'm too busy to be depressed," and "God will heal you." Please people I am extremely busy and I am very close with god. I still suffer for Major Depressive Disorder. I suffer from Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Schizophrenia, and Agoraphobia. I am a very religious person the only reason I haven't intentionally gone to meet the lord. When my parents separated I tried multiple times to end it but my mom was vigilant and stopped me each time. My brother was also ever vigilant and I owe my life to them.

I've rambled long enough for now. Thanks for reading, let me know if you made it to the end, Send me a message that says "Momo Fufu." That was my dog's cute nickname before he passed away in 2020. More Rambling to come.