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This is a Brief Explanation of Lethurea

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A Brief Explanation
What is Lethurea?

Lethurea is a Universe separate from our own. It is not an alternate Universe, nor a Parallel Universe. Lethurea is one of many Universes. The Universe in which we exist is Cosmos and Aroenios are two of Lethurea’s Siblings. He like all Universes is immeasurably intelligent, powerful, and home to our spirits. The Universes are entities, existing within a much larger expansion of space, and were all created by a Mother Universe, the Mozoluuka. She sacrificed her level of existence, to create her last child Lethurea. In this act she transcended to another existence.

What are Universes?

Universes are the homes of spirits. Universes are collections of matter, energy, and chaos. They are organized into planes of existence. Some like Lethurea are divided into Heaven, Hell, and Material. Others like Cosmos are divided by many different forms, appropriate for the spirits that live their. All Universes exist within the Huudroemoekarai. The Huudroemoekarai is the void that the universes call home. The universes exist like bubbles in water, yet impermeable by Spirits. The Universes are infinitely intelligent, ever knowing, and incomprehensible. They are capable of manipulating their own matter and energy. They manipulate it to create and design planes for the spirits. Matter and Energy cannot be destroyed within the Universes after their birth, more over it is simply organized into planes of existence.

The Three Planes

Lethurea created three planes of existence during his infancy: Itslaemwai, Yedistren, and Gozog’nok. Itslaemwai is a Spirit Realm or Heavenly Plane, where the Tribes of Spirits exist before they gain a body, and after they die. Yedistren is a Middle Realm or Mortal Plane, where spirits become beings; this is like our plane of existence. Gozog’nok is the Dark Realm or Hell Plane, where Spirits of a maleficent nature and matter, which should not exist in the higher realms, is kept.
Itslaemwai is known for its endless splendors, peace, and joy. The spirits truly cannot grasp how wonderful it is until they have lived and endured mortality and hardship. Gozog’nok is a realm of endless torment and darkness, it is torture to the souls that live their except for the Malisik. Yedistren is the plane of mortality were joy, happiness, anger, fear, love, peace, and so on are in their primal state.

The Tribes

Seven tribes of spirits exist. These spirits inhabit their bodies in Yedistren. All tribes are divided into races.
The Seven tribes are as follows: Elesea, Sebuuk, Vaelamin, Haavolin, Kiitikon, Naeniilin and Malisik. The Elesea were the most powerful and beautiful in Lethurea’s eyes. They were made into near deity-like races, known a Shaerok and Nai’oena. The Sebuuk were a naïve race that was corrupted by the depths of Gozog’nok, the Lethurean Hell, and transformed into demons. The Vaelamin were humanoid in nature and crafted after Cosmos’ man, elf, dwarf, etc. Haavolin were the spirits of wild in nature and were created after Cosmos’ beasts. Kiitikon were the most unique of the tribes and were given eccentric bodies to match their unique nature. Naeniilin were the spirits of beasts, animals, and simple-minded creatures. Malisik were the spirits of a dark and maleficent nature and were sealed away within Gozog’nok never to receive bodies. The two tribes of Maliskothin and Kethuuk. The Kethuuk are of the spirits of inter tribe births which are unnatural and spawned from nothing. The Maliskothin are the spirits that transgress of the other tribes when the Sebuuk originally left Itslaemwai for Gozog’nok.

The Races

Lethurea created the races in the vision of cosmos’s man, humanoid, and beast. He favored the deities’ that cosmos created, such as God, Chaos, Allah, . Cosmos had a favored world name Terra which he created infinite times, with man, elf, giant, angel, dwarf, and so on. The demons of Cosmos were the fallen of his deities’ children. His deities created spirit where Lethurea had spirits created from the mother universes sacrifice. Universes, spirits, and deities cannot be destroyed they simply transcend to a new existence. Spirits go to heaven when their bodies die and some become deities. Cosmos let the deities craft the universe, Lethurea let the Elesea craft Yedistren.

The Creation

The realm of Yedistren was chaotic in nature. Matter had no structure and energy did not flow in any reasonable or logical manner. The Elesea were assigned by Lethurea to choose one hundred of their kind to gain bodies and organize the realm. These one hundred beings would rule over the realm as benevolent guardians and keepers of the realm. The one hundred were chosen and they created bodies these were the Elder Shaerok, the deities of Yedistren. They were its custodians and organizers. They organized the Realm into Nebula, Planet, Moon, Asteroid, and all manner of astral bodies. They placed at the center of every solar system a star. The stars were rifts between Itslaemwai and Yedistren. They were entrances for the spirits to be born and a beacon to guide those who had died to their eternal home.
The Elder Shaerok finished their organization of the realm and began to create bodies for the spirits of Naeniilin and the rest of the Elesea. They would reside within the realm and be the root of all future life.