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Maerik Teslek

Maerik Teslek is one of the main protagonists of Legends from Lethurea: The Chosen series (Working title). He is a stoic and reserved person, he is a veteran and ex-wanderer. He was away at war for six Lethurean years or 9.8 Terran years. He was part of a elite order of warriors known as the Shiekuu Order and served as a commando for most of this time. After fighting in one of the most grueling battles of the last 10,000 Lethurean years. He was released from duty, not because he was unfit for duty, but because he had done more for the Free Races than anyone could have asked. He then wandered for seven Lethurean years or 11.5 Terran years. He became Honored One of All Free Races, and earned his place in history. He returned home after this point in time. That is were the books begins.

He is wealth beyond any one on earth. He is an heir to the Teslek MegaFarming Corporation and has an inheritance equal to 60 trillion dollars. His family's business spans multiple galaxies. If you have food on your table it most likely came from their farms.

He is also engaged to the First Vamperein Royalty Princess Mera Orland.

He is versed in every modernly spoken language, and knows several ancient languages.

Vamperein Warriors are paid a salary and receive a bonus for every Malisik slain. Civilians are paid even more handsomely for every Malisik killed. His earnings during his 13 Lethurean years or 21.3 Terran years of war and wondering earned him 47.5 million dollars and total kill count of 600,000 Malisik. The blades of the warriors are enchanted to keep track of how many kills they have. Maerik's kill count due to other means of combat could possibly place him at an additional kill could of 450,000 Malisik. Most likely from a combination of Plasma throwing (which incinerates foes in mass), rifles, and bow kills.

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