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I've spent a lot of time doing what I feel like is b****ing and moaning about my mental health. I finally am in a place were I'm more stable than I've ever been and could have ever fathomed. Now it's time to make a real blog.

Uublai is the Planet that the first book takes place on. It's a strictly jungle and swamp planet. The two super continent in both the north and south hemisphere are fed with tropical weath into the poles. The Tesparin Ocean it situate along the equator. It is unbearably hot roughly a 180 degrees at the equator. Most of the coastline is uninhabited. On the northern hemisphere in the polar circle lay a mountain range called the Polar Crown. Just barely south of the Polar Crown lay the Northern Reaches. South of that is the Teslek-Uublai Mega Farm. It covers several thousands of square miles with tens of thousands of employees. In the northern most parts of the farm land are Tetorak and the Teslek Multi-generation complex. A self contained dome with hundred of manors.

A belt of ancient forest lay along the center of the northern continent. It is known a Qoev'baka. It is the oldest Jungle on Uublai. It survived the great fire of the last major conflict over 500 thousand years ago. The jungle is nearly impassible. Only a few guides know the paths through. Maerik Teslek one of the protagonists is one of the few guides.

South of Qoev'baka along the prime meridian. Lies Nendathril valley and Mount Kilthar. Mount Kilthar is a hollow mountain. The valley rests on miles of mine shafts and tunnels. The Lizoyin that lived on Uublai mined all the ore and precious minerals.

On the southern continent is the Lakelands or Luubil'dol. Thousands of lakes can be found in Luubil'dor. North that is the Royal Palace. The Royal Palace is a massive structure spanning over a mile wide. The Royal Palace is a self sustained city and ecosystem. The nearby Palace City or Einsketop'dor, which mean first royal city, is adjacent to the palace.

The vegetation on Uublai is a green-blue. The sky is lime green. The water is turquoise. The most common creatures on Uublai are drakes and arthropods.

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